4 Upgrades that can help you lower your homeowner’s insurance cost

reduce your insurance premium

Homeowners’ insurance premiums continue to rise each year. Here are some simple ways to not only lower your insurance premium, but they can also increase your property value.

  1. Do you have a bad roof that’s been leaking, has rotting wood, and is as old as you are? Did you know that insurers offer discounts for roof upgrades? Talk to your insurance agent and see what discounts are available with a new roof.
  2. Storm-Safe Windows and Doors can increase the value of your home, but it can also help you reduce your insurance premiums. Talk with your insurance agent to see what discounts are available to you.
  3. Install a Home Security System. This is an upgrade that’s relatively cheap and can reduce your insurance premium. Talk to your insurance agent.
  4. A Water shutoff device is another easy device that you can install which can help reduce your insurance premium. This device will alert you of moisture or leaks in places that shouldn’t have water. Talk with your insurance agent to see what discounts are available.

These are just a few of the things that can help you lower your insurance premiums. Don’t forget to contact your insurance agent when you get these upgrades to update your policy.

Are you Financially Prepared To Buy Your Home?

are you financially prepared to buy your home

You’ve made the decision to purchase your home but are you financially prepared to buy your home.

Here are a list of things that you need to know now.

  • Evaluate your current Income versus your Expenses
  • Do you know your Credit Score?
  • Figure out what you can afford for your monthly payments
  • Do you have Savings?
  • Do you know your Debt to Income Ratio?

Fix Up Your Home or Sell It As Is?

So you’re thinking of selling your home, but the bathrooms look a bit worn and there are other areas like appliances that should be replaced. The biggest question is, should you spend the time and money to update the interior and exterior of your home? Or should you just sell the home as it is?

Many homeowners go overboard and spend too much time and money improving and fixing up their home before putting it on the market. It’s a good idea that if you know that you will be selling your home that you talk to a real estate agent. A realtor can tell you exactly what home improvements will give you the best return on your investment. Why spend time and money on home improvements that most buyers will never notice or will not give you the best return on your investment.

A Realtor has access to information about all homes for sale. We can do comparables and show homeowners exactly what their return can be for each home improvement project. Even if you plan on selling in December and it’s only January, get with a Realtor. This will save you time, and lots of money on home repairs that you shouldn’t do. Realtors will make sure that you make improvements to your home which will return the investment with a good profit. We can also give you advice about what colors most buyers are looking for in a home. So don’t hesitate to talk to a Realtor today.

Why Go Camping

camping trip in florida

Are you one of those people that love being outdoors, don’t mind bugs, and dirt or afraid of the dark? Camping can be fun for some people. There is something about burnt hot dogs on a stick and roasted marshmallows that’s very appealing to people . I myself is not a big fan of bugs singing in my ear. I do enjoy being in an open space where you can see the night sky light up with stars, it makes you appreciate the simple things in life.

Camping is a great way of creating great experiences with your kids. With us living in the digital age, we are spending less time connecting with our family and more time on our phones and computers. This can be a great reason to pack up the minivan and escape to nature.

There are lots of amazing places in Florida to go camping.
One of them being Blue Spring State Park. This park is located in Orange City, Florida and is open from 8am, until sundown, 365 days. Here you can spot Manatee from November through March. You should book in advance since this is a very popular camping spot.

Check out Hillsborough River State Park this park is just minutes from downtown Tampa, and offers nature trails, hiking, kayaking, and swimming. This park features Class II rapids. Check it out, located in Thonotosassa.

Myakka River State Park, Myakka is located near Sarasota. This park offers boating, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. You can go biking as well as explore miles of trails. Entrance cost is $6 per vehicle. There is also a camping cost of $26 a night.

The Florida Caverns State Park, this park is out of this world. There are open-air caves that are open to the public. Admission is $5 per vehicle and $20 a night for camping. While you are there check out the cave tours, which is no additional costs.

Cayo Costa State Park, this park is located off the coast of Pine Island on Florida’s west coast. Home to Sea Turtles, Manatees and Bald Eagles. Admission is $2 per person, camping cost is $@2 per night.

Where ever you decide to go camping, make it a great experience for your family. Shut off the cell phones, make memories that the kids will remember for the rest of their lives.