Selling your home is a major financial decision. Don’t leave it to maybe’s or chances that the process will go well. Hire a Realtor® that works for you. Remember your agent does not get paid until you sell your home. If you decided to sell your home on your own, then follow my tips below. Use good judgment when it comes to choosing paint colors, home improvement projects and layout of furniture.

Home Seller Guide - Preparing your home

Home Seller Guide - Preparing your home

Get Prepared for Your Sale

Preparing your home for sale may start a year before you even put your home on the market. Buyers are looking for homes that they can just move into without doing too much work. Your home should look it's best when going on the market.

PRISTINE CONDITION - Hire a cleaning service to come in and clean the windows, cabinets, behind the toilets and every nook and carny. Buyers see everything! Don't forget the blinds, if they are old and falling apart either replace them or just remove them. Get those ceiling fans cleaned off, Replace all burnt out light bulbs in the bathrooms and kitchen areas. Clean carpets, or tile. You want your floors to sparkle.

MAKE REPAIRS - Buyers don't want to buy a home that have major problems. Fix broken cabinet doors, screens, roof and other things that will prevent a buyer from making an offer. Fix leaky toilets and faucets . In the long run you will be rewarded for taking the time to do repairs.

REMOVE CLUTTER AND PERSONAL STUFF- Clutter can make your rooms look smaller. Rent a storage unit for all your favorite mementos and nick knacks . Pack away family photos and anything that personalizes the home. When buyers walk into a home they want to envision themselves living in that space. They will more likely make a connection with a home if it's depersonalized.

ORGANIZE- Your cabinets and closets should be organized. Take out the things that you don't need. By doing this it gives the illusion of having more space. Buyers are always looking for more storage.

PAINT - If your home looks old and dreary, guess what! A coat of paint will do wonders for any space. You don't have to paint all the rooms. You can paint the bathrooms , kitchen and give your front door an inviting color to greet potential buyers. This is not costly and it can add value to your home.

CLEAN & REPAIR EXTERIOR - You want your home to be appealing to buyers on the outside. If your home looks like it's in disrepair on the outside, most likely buyers will not want to look at the inside. Rent a pressure washer from Home Depot or Lowe's and get to work washing down the roof, gutters, walk ways and walls. Make sure to get the drive way and even your pool area and screens can do with a good wash.

ROOMS WITH PURPOSE - Do you have a room that is just a catch-all for all your junk and miscellaneous stuff? You want to give that room a purpose. Each space should tell the buyer what it functions as. Use that catch-all room as an office or playroom for the kids. Set it up so buyers can visualize the functionality of that room and other rooms in your home.

LANDSCAPING- You don't have to spend a lot of money on landscaping. Tearing out old scrubs and plants can make a big difference. Invest in purchasing a couple of plants to give your home a welcoming look. While you at it, get yourself a new welcome mat, this is a very inexpensive way to make your home more welcoming to buyers. Buying will love your new and inviting look.


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