When marketing my client’s homes, my goal is to be innovative and aggressive. I use technology such as websites, social media and the MLS. My goal is to reach other realtors as well as their buyers and other potential buyers. I also create a marketing plan to reach the buyers that are not doing their search on the internet. The goal is to reach all types of buyers and get your property maximum exposure which results in selling your home quickly and at the maximum price.

Marketing Your Home

getting ready to sell your home

Be Aggressive when Marketing Your Home

USE TECHNOLOGY - For home owners that are trying to market their homes themselves I would recommend using Zillow.com, Craigslist.com, Yahoo Real Estate, Google. You can also use some social media sites such as Facebook , Instagram and Pinterest. If you're really adventurous you can create a video of your home and post it on Facebook and YouTube.

QUALITY PHOTOS -You will want to take some good quality photos to attract buyers to your home. You can even hire a professional photographer.

OPEN HOUSE - Hold an Open House for potential buyers. This is a great way to get feedback from buyers. Advertise your open house on Zillow, FaceBook or Craigslist.

SIGNAGE - Many times I see homeowner have a sign with a telephone number that is barely visible. Please get a sturdy sign. Write your telephone number in BIG, BOLD letters. Get a box and place some flyers with information about the property. This is a great way to capture drive by traffic.


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