Looking to Buy a Home? Here are some Loan types that you should know about.

Mortgages can come in lots of forms.

  • Conventional mortgage
  • FHA Mortgage
  • VA Mortgage
  • USDA Mortgage and more.

If you are looking to purchase a home in Florida be sure to speak with your Bank or Mortgage Broker about what loans will be best suited to you.

Here are some additional resources for First Time Home Buyers in some Pinellas County cities.




Understand Contingencies in the Florida Real Estate Market.


Contingencies are things that a buyer can request that must happen in a set period of time in order for the real estate deal to go through.

Some common contingencies are: Inspection Contingency, Appraisal Contingency, and Finance Contingency.

Inspection Contingency – A buyer can back out of the contract if an inspector finds too many problems or issues with the home.

Appraisal Contingency – This goes into effect if the house appraises for less than the offer contract amount. For example, the contract amount is $500,000 but the appraisal came back at $450,000.

Finance Contingency– The buyer has the option to back out if they cannot secure a mortgage.

11 Reasons You’ll Love Moving To Clearwater, FL

Redington Beach Florida

Arona McGinley | Charles Rutenberg Realty | RealEstateBitz.com

Every day we have families moving to Clearwater, FL! Clearwater is one of those places that is perfect for families with children, seniors looking to relax and enjoy the perfect weather or a great golf day. When you move to Clearwater, Fl plan on getting rid of the snow boots and heavy winter jackets. Time to stock up on lots of bathing suits, shorts, and sleeveless tees. Whatever the reason it’s definitely one of the best places to live in Florida.

Clearwater Florida has excellent schools, there is so much history and I can’t forget to add Winter the Dolphin at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Clearwater, FL supports over 50,000 local jobs and has been growing every year. If you’re looking for that beach vibe with a slower pace of life then this is the place for you. Check out our downtown and enjoy the museums, great restaurants, and perfect weather. Should you be moving to Clearwater, or are thinking of moving to Clearwater, Fl please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about this beautiful city. I am always happy to help!

5 Things You Should Know Before You Move to St. Petersburg, Fl

St. Pete Beach was Rated Top Beach in the United States

If you reading this you must be thinking of moving to St. Petersburg, Florida and you may be wondering why people are loving St. Petersburg. This year, St. Beach has been rated the top beach in the United States and was also rated fifth in the world.

St. Petersburg, Fl has a great deal to offer if you’re looking for a place with a diverse culture, great restaurants, top-rated beaches, nightlife, great schools, historical sites, the University of South Florida (St. Pete Campus), and great neighborhoods to live in.

Downtown St. Petersburg, Fl

Downtown St. Petersburg is buzzing all day and night. You can visit great museums such as The Dali Museum, The Museum of Fine Arts and Chihuly Collections of stunning glasswork. Check out the St. Pete Pier for fun things happening for both adults and kids. Dine at waterfront restaurants or just enjoy a fun beach day with the family. On a bright sunny day, you can browse the local Saturday Morning Market and buy organic produce, food made by the locals as well as arts and crafts. Check out our beautiful downtown on foot. Park your car and walk or use the Looper trolley which runs seven days a week. There is so much to see and do at downtown St. Pete.

Beaches St. Petersburg, Fl

Are you ready for some fantastic Beaches? As I said has been rated the top beach in the United States. Our beaches are casual and perfect for laying out. If you want some activity we’ve got plenty of that too: Check out windsurfing, boating, dolphin watching, sandcastles and so much more. While you are in St. Petersburg check out the historical Don CeSar resort where you can dine, get some drinks at the bar, have an ice cream cone with the kids. There is so much for everyone.

Sporting Arena

Are you a sports fanatic? St. Petersburg is home to the Tampa Bay Rays baseball at Tropicana Field and the Tampa Bay Rowdies at Al Lang Stadium. You can also check out the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. This takes place on the waterfront street course in downtown St. Petersburg. It’s a week-long of activities and has fun for the whole family, live entertainment, and interactive activities for the kids.

Colleges and Universities

The University of Florida has a campus located in St. Petersburg, Fl. This campus has on-campus student housing. This campus is located on the water and on some days you can see dolphins playing in the water. This campus is close to downtown and is a great place for students to live. Students are close to shops and restaurants as well a great beaches and parks.

The People

There is such a diverse makeup of people in the St. Petersburg area. You can see that through the diversity of the food and restaurants that are available. From mom-and-pop restaurants to food trucks and top dining waterfront restaurants there is something for everyone. Take a walk downtown St. Petersburg and see the mix of people enjoying each other although they come from all walks of life. This is a place where all cultures come together for some fun in the sun.

If you are ready to make the move to St. Petersburg Florida we welcome you. There is so much to do for the retirees, for the students, and for the families with kids. I cannot think of a more perfect place to to live.

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4 Upgrades that can help you lower your homeowner’s insurance cost

reduce your insurance premium

Homeowners’ insurance premiums continue to rise each year. Here are some simple ways to not only lower your insurance premium, but they can also increase your property value.

  1. Do you have a bad roof that’s been leaking, has rotting wood, and is as old as you are? Did you know that insurers offer discounts for roof upgrades? Talk to your insurance agent and see what discounts are available with a new roof.
  2. Storm-Safe Windows and Doors can increase the value of your home, but it can also help you reduce your insurance premiums. Talk with your insurance agent to see what discounts are available to you.
  3. Install a Home Security System. This is an upgrade that’s relatively cheap and can reduce your insurance premium. Talk to your insurance agent.
  4. A Water shutoff device is another easy device that you can install which can help reduce your insurance premium. This device will alert you of moisture or leaks in places that shouldn’t have water. Talk with your insurance agent to see what discounts are available.

These are just a few of the things that can help you lower your insurance premiums. Don’t forget to contact your insurance agent when you get these upgrades to update your policy.

Is Buying a Condo Right for you?

Is buying a condo right for you in florida

So you’re thinking about buying a condo? Buying a condo can make sense for most people! It’s great for retirees, singles, couples, and for 2nd homes or vacation homes.

Consider these before buying a Condo.

Is Condo living right for everyone? A Condo may offer many advantages as well as disadvantages. Here are some Pros and Cons to look at before you decide to buy a Condo.

  • Condo living is somewhat like apartment living. Not a lot of parking available for friends and family when they visit.
  • If you want privacy then Condo living is not for you.
  • Consider the extra fees that are charged for amenities whether you use them or not (pool, clubhouse, gym, game room, etc). Fees for maintenance such as yard work, upkeep for anything outside of your Condo.
  • Little or no yard space. Forget about those backyard BBQs with friends and family.

On the other hand, most Condo communities offer a lot of amenities for those who want to take advantage of them.

  • Amenities include Work out Rooms, Pools, Clubhouse, get together with neighbors, and more.
  • There is the convenience factor
  • If you like people and love to interact with your neighbors then this will be a great atmosphere for you. There is a sense of community in Condo living
  • No Yardwork ever again! Someone else takes care of the maintenance.

Living the Condo life may not be for everyone. If you love that Condo lifestyle there are lots of great Condos available in the Tampa Bay Florida area.

If you are ready to start your Condo search contact your local Realtor for more information on what’s available.

Redington Beach in Pinellas County, Florida.

Redington Beach Florida

Redington Beach Florida can be your next home! Redington Beach is located in Pinellas County and is mostly a waterfront residential community. Redington is close to Madeira Beach, Indian Rocks Beach, and the Intracoastal Waterway.

Why would you want to live in Redington Beach, Florida?

If you are looking for a great waterfront community to live in that is not overrun with tourists and crowded beaches, then this is the place for you. You can find waterfront condos as well as single-family residential homes that are located on the Gulf of Mexico.

Things to do in Redington Beach, Florida

If you live in Redington then you definitely want to have a boat or know someone that does. You can go fishing, hang out at restaurants that all the locals hang out at. You can spend your days shopping, visiting local museums, biking doing Yoga on the beach, or just lazing on the beach with friends and family.

If you’re looking to buy or sell in Redington contact your local Realtor.

10 Reasons why you want to live in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.

10 reasons why you should move to st.pete fl

Did you know that downtown St. Petersburg is one of the more desirable areas to live in the Tampa Bay Area? The downtown area has this hip beachy vibe that’s appealing to all ages.

Here are 10 reasons why you should move to downtown St. Petersburg.

  • Do you like live music? Downtown St. Pete hosts lots of live concerts in the park at the pier and other venues. Check out the Mahaffey Theater for shows and other events, Jannus Live, and Vinoy Park. There are also lots of bars and restaurants that offer live music.
  • Love the Beach? You are just minutes from the beach! Head to the beach to soak up some sun, fishing, boating, or go for a stroll to see a beautiful sunset.
  • Sports Teams- Like Soccer or Base Ball? Take in a Tampa Bay Rays game at the Tropicana Field or a Rowdies game at Al Lang Stadium. The Rowdies is a Professional soccer team.
  • Do you like art? Check out the amazing art galleries in downtown St. Petersburg. The Chihuly Collection at Morean Arts Center and The Dali (Salvador Museum). You also have your pick of local art galleries that feature local artist works.
  • The shopping is fantastic! Check out the Sundial in St. Pete for premier shopping, and dining. You can also shop one of a kind local boutiques for clothes, jewelry, and crafts.
  • At downtown St. Pete we have your choice of the best restaurants ranging for all budgets. You can try the local seafood to upscale Asian to casual dining. We have all sorts of culinary delights from American to Latin flavors. Check out our one of a kind and mouth-watering dessert shops.
  • Beach Drive! This is the premier destination for shopping, nightlife, food, and culture. Dine while taking in the gorgeous views. Whether you’re having breakfast, lunch, or dinner there are so many amazing restaurants to choose from.
  • Check out the Festivals! We’ve got lots of festivals to choose from. Rib Festival, Beer Festival, Music Festival, Food festivals, Hot Sauce Festival, you name it we’ve got that festival.
  • Do you like Craft Beer? Downtown St. Pete is known for it’s Craft Beer. Here are just a few of the places you can visit, Bayboro Brewing, St. Pete Brewing, The Ale and the Witch.
  • Are you an outdoorsy person? Downtown has many green spaces that line the waterfront that’s great for exercising, people watching, or just reading a book, lounging, and hanging out with your best friend. You can find a cozy space to sit and enjoy the view.

These are just some of the things that you can enjoy if you move to downtown St. Petersburg. Contact your neighborhood Realtor to find you a great condo or bungalow in the downtown St. Petersburg area.

Why Investing In Florida is a Good Idea!

  • Is Buying in Florida a good investment?

Buying real estate in Florida is a great investment. Not only is it a place where everyone wants to vacation. Florida has beautiful weather, that low key lifestyle, lots of attractions for the whole family.

Another attraction is Florida has no income tax.

In Florida, we have had a lot of real estate development, and that’s great for investment buyers because the prices of homes are still reasonable.

We have a strong demand for rental properties, condos, single-family homes. We have vacationers looking for options to rent besides staying at hotels.

Finding homes for investors and second home buyers
  • What are some good places to buy investment properties in Florida?

Some great places to buy an investment property in Florida are Tampa, St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island, Madeira Beach, Kenneth City, Seminole, Largo, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, Belleair, Dunedin, and Orlando.

If you are looking to invest contact us for some great investment properties.