Why you should move to Florida

moving to tampabay florida

Well, Let’s see! Florida is always warm, it’s got the most amazing beaches and is filled with fun things to do every day. You wake up each morning in Florida and you feel energized and ready for a perfect day. Of course Florida has its pros and cons, but we’ve got the sunshine all year round and that’s a win, win in my book.

For me Florida is the perfect place to live. Keep in mind there is no state income tax! It’s pretty affordable to live in Florida and if you’re looking for different types of food and people, then you’re in luck, because Florida is very cosmopolitan. You can never be bored in Florida. It literally costs you nothing to jump in your car and drive to the beach to look at our amazing sunset.

So some of the bad stuff would include, it being very humid, Florida can get really hot in those summer months. We do have to deal with hurricanes and bugs. Some solutions …If you’re hot then hang out in a great restaurant with air condition that is over looking the beach. Wear a hat and sunscreen when you’re outdoors. Sweating is great for getting rid of toxins in your body. Use bug spray to keep away the bugs. Hurricanes can be destructive but every state has it’s good and bad. Florida has mostly the good stuff. Get hurricane rated windows and doors and pack up and leave if you know a hurricane is coming.

If you are thinking of moving to Florida, or you just want to be here for a couple of months out of the year, this is the best time to purchase a home in Florida. Spring is a great time to start looking for a home. Think of using a Realtor when purchasing a home. Realtors have access to there largest database of available home on the market. There is no cost to you to hire a Buyers Agent.

You may think renting can be an option for you if you plan on moving to Florida. Think again! It maybe cheaper for you to buy. Yes, that’s what I said! Instead of paying your landlords mortgage why not take the money you’re going to pay renting and pay your own mortgage. Your home can be an investment and you can get tax deductions for your mortgage interest, get equity in your home. You have the freedom to have your pets in your own home versus having to ask permission if renting. Your home can be sold if you want to move and you can make a profit from owning your own home. Start looking for home now in Pinellas County Florida.

Bottom line, I love that it’s beautiful all year round in Florida. The people are great, the schools are great and the lifestyle is what you can only dream of living, but if you move to Florida, then it can be your reality.