Why you should have a Foyer in your home

A foyer is a great place to meet guests

A Foyer whether big or small is a space that you welcome your guests. This is a space that you can vamp up with color, glamour or make it cozy and intimate. A foyer can add value to your home when selling it.

What is the use of a foyer in a home?

Your foyer is a space that you greet your guests or anyone that happen to knock at the front door. It gives you an opportunity to greet an unexpected visitor without them entry into your family space.

Is a foyer necessary?

I believe a foyer is necessary for any home. It can be the one area that is kept neat and tidy to greet guests that calls on you unexpectedly. You can create an illusion of a grand entry to your home to wow your guests.

What do you need in a foyer?

Since we live in Florida you should have

  • RUG – a weather-resistant rug. This should add a wow factor to your foyer.
  • SEATING – I also love having a bench with a couple of bold color pillows.
  • MIRROR – I love having a mirror in a foyer. It can open up a small space and make it appear larger.
  • TABLE -Have a console table for things like keys and other knick nacks.
  • FLOWERS -Have a nice flower arrangement or a couple of books.