Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly

getting ready to sell your home

As you may or may not know, Spring is a great time to sell your home. At Spring time we feel energized, it’s a time for renewal, we are cleaning and re-decorating, flowers are blooming and we can feel the energy in the air.

You’ve been thinking about putting your house on the market but before you put that sign at the front of your home, let’s go through a check list of things that should be crossed off before you call your realtor. These things could get you a full priced offer.

Minor Repairs

You want to make sure that your home looks it’s best when you are putting it on the market. Go through your home or have a friend come over and go through your home with the eyes of a potential buyer. A buyer may see dirty grout, chipped baseboards, missing knobs and handles, torn screens on windows , hanging gutters worn out looking paint on front door. These repairs can be an easy and cheap fix for a homeowner. If it’s not addressed it can be the difference between a low offer and full asking price.

Curb Appeal

Most of us spend so much time dressing up the inside of the house and we forget the outside. If the exterior of the house is not appealing, you may not get a buyer to even bother to go inside the home. One of the first photos that is listed on the MLS will be a photo of the front of your home. First impression count!! Invest some time and money on pressure washing the garage door, side walks and making your front door appealing, either cleaning the door or repainting it. Plant some flowers and add a new mat at the front door. Make your home look welcoming and appealing to buyers. I guarantee this will get them into your house for a look.

Revamp your kitchen

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of remodeling your kitchen – there are some inexpensive kitchen updates that you can do. Repaint your kitchen a neutral color. Buyers are not interested in your taste and style. They are looking to come in and make the home their own. Give them a blank canvas so they can envision their own style. Change out the cabinet hardware. If you can afford it, think about adding new countertops to give your kitchen an updated look. This may cost a couple thousand dollars, but you will gain so much more in the sale of your home. The kitchen is the number one seller of a home. Every penny you spend on your kitchen you get it back and more.


You are preparing to sell, get your house professionally cleaned. Your home has to look its best and everything has to look clean and shiny. Invest in a professional cleaning company. Have the carpets, the tiles, bathrooms, cabinets, baseboards, pool deck, windows and more, cleaned and sparkling. Your home should be available and ready to show at anytime. Get rid of clutter, junk, packed closets and boxes. If you don’t use it every day then put it in storage.

Good Luck! If you live in the Tampa Bay Area and need help with selling or buying a home, contact us.