Prevent Burglary

Keeping your home safe againt burglars


Here are a few inexpensive tips that can help you decrease the chances that your home will be burglarized.

  • Use some lighting tricks. Set up some DIY timers that you can automate from your smart phone and set it to turn on lights in different rooms at random times. This give the illusion of a lived-in look and can deter burglars from attempting to break in.
  • Secure all doors and windows when leaving your home. Have doors that automatically locks once the door is shut. Then you don’t have to worry about actually locking your door or drive yourself crazy wondering if you locked it.
  • Keep your trees and shrubs trimmed to avoid thieves from hiding between branches and shrubs.
  • You can install motion detector lighting around doors and windows, this can easily scare away unwanted visitors. This is very inexpensive but is very effective. Gives the impression that someone is watching.
  • Set up a DIY security camera outside or inside your home. This can be inexpensive and can be monitored by you on your smart phone at any time.
  • How about getting to know your neighbors. It’s a great way to know the people that live in your neighborhood. This way you can identify strangers. Let your neighbor know when you are going out of town so that they can keep an eye on your home while you are gone.
  • Don’t go on social media and let everyone know you are going to Europe for 3 weeks. You never know who’s looking at your posts. Post about your awesome trip with those fabulous photos once you’ve returned.
  • Have you heard of window stops.? This is a great way to prevent criminals from getting through windows in your home. This is very easy to install but can be a huge benefit to you.

Whether you’re going on a vacation or just leaving for work, please spend some time and take measures to keep your home safe.